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Soulmate Breakup Guide eCourse


Soulmate Breakup Guide eCourse

Breaking up with your Soulmate SUCKS.
But if you follow these ten simple steps and dive into productive healing and self-reflection, you can and will become stronger, happier and ready for your next true love!

This online eCourse includes:

A 62-Page Guidebook (PDF Download)

“Relation-Shift” Audio Program (MP3 Download)

Access to the “Sexy Single’s Survival Guide” Support Circle (Private Facebook Group)

BONUS: “A Facebook Guide To Breaking Up” (PDF Download)

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Product Description

I believe we have MANY Soulmates: unique people who show up in our lives that spark a soul level connection, a deep cosmic remembrance, true love at first sight… as if you have known one another from a time beyond time itself.

A Soulmate is someone who stirs up spiritual lessons to learn throughout your relationship. They act as a mirror for your love light… AND all your shadow.

You have a divine purpose together. You are here to change each other’s lives forever. The love is immense and passionate, you get along fabulously, like two peas in one perfect pod…

Until the shit hits the fan, all the soul lessons you came to learn (or couldn’t resolve) come to a place of completion…

…and you break the fuck up.

This intimate online eCourse will guide you through your grieving process so you can get over your EX quickly, heal your heart, and reclaim your sex life. LEARN MORE HERE!

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